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    Mayana Chocolate

    When you think of Spooner, Wisconsin, you think of the Northwoods and camping. But, this local business might get you thinking that this little town has something a bit sweeter to offer!

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    European Imports

    Each year the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board offers tours to its strongest partners which include: chefs, retailers, foodservice operators, distributors and wholesalers, editors and boutique cheese shop owners throughout the country to help them learn about all the different cheeses made in our state and increase distribution of Wisconsin cheese. We checked in on a tour that got a dose of farm life as well.

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    Roden Barnyard Adventures

    Many dairy farmers throughout Wisconsin offer farm tours, but not many offer day camps for kids to learn about life on the farm. A dairy farm in rural West Bend is helping kids of all ages learn about our state’s signature industry.

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    Tour of America’s Dairyland

    For seven years people around the world have descended upon Wisconsin for ten days in June to partake in a competitive bicycle race with some great scenery as a bonus. Find out why people from near and far challenge themselves with the Tour of America’s Dairyland.

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    Cheese Wedding Favors

    Increasingly, brides and grooms are choosing more pastoral locations for their weddings, and to go along with that theme they’re choosing more unique wedding favors. We caught up with one shop owner who’s creating wedding favors with a Wisconsin flare.

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    Dairy Taste Testers

    It takes a while for most of us to develop a keen taste palate, but a professor at UW-Madison is teaching some lucky students how to cultivate a palate for judging the best dairy products.

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    Willie Ty’s Eatery

    The cheeseburger has long been a customer favorite, and now one local restaurant is capitalizing on the cheese factor with the “Gooey Louie”. We visit Willie Ty’s Eatery for an extraordinary take on the ordinary cheeseburger.

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    Milwaukee Vincent Success

    After nearly three decades without an Agriculture Education program, Vincent High School in Milwaukee brought it back in 2012 and it’s been a huge success. See how the program has grown and changed in just three years.

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    Seehafer Farm Creamery

    A new store in Marshfield is open and supplying area residents and travelers with farm fresh milk and other local products. We head to the country to visit Seehafer Farm Creamery!

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    Klondike Masters

    It’s the first cheese company in Wisconsin with five Master Cheesemakers, and the first father-son duo with their master cheesemaker certification. We’re heading to Klondike Cheese Company to meet a family of expert cheesemakers.

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