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    Cheese Tour

    The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board does its best to spread the word on where to get great cheese, and offers tours to magazine editors and industry professionals to learn more about the dairy state. We caught up with one tour as guests visited Wisconsin cheese plants across the state.

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    Swiss Heritage Celebration

    Swiss immigrants played a key role in cultivating Wisconsin as a leader in the cheese industry, and one business owner is highlighting that fact. Learn about the events celebrating Wisconsin’s Swiss heritage being held at Fromagination in Madison.

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    Pine River Dairy

    Women play a huge role in the success of Wisconsin’s 46.4 billion dollar dairy industry. We’ll show you how the fifth and sixth generation of the Olm Family are adding to Pine River Dairy’s success.

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    Navieve Fromagerie

    Wausau is home to a new European-style cheese shop highlighting Wisconsin cheese and its many accompaniments. Meet the people behind the counter at Navieve Fromagerie and see what’s available!

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    A one-day festival celebrating Midwest artisan cheese is bringing cheesemakers and consumers together. Learn more about the Cheesetopia event being held in Chicago.

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    Grilled Cheese Championship Contest

    It’s the fifth year for the Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Championships and we’re giving you a preview of what’s going to happen at the annual competitive event.

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    Championship Contest The Jimmys

    Sometimes dairy farmers have hidden talents or hobbies outside of farming. We’ll introduce you to a fifth generation dairy farmer whose other interest has him tickling the ivories as a successful blues musician.

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    FUTP60 Award – Thorson Elementary

    Since launching the Fuel Up to Play 60 Program, aimed at improving childhood health and wellness, in October of 2009, Wisconsin school participation has steadily increased. We head to Cedarburg where one elementary school earned a spectacular surprise for winning the grand prize in a national contest.

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    West Salem School Breakfast

    Studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast can help students achieve success in the classroom. See how an elementary school in West Salem is starting students off right.

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    Portable Cheese Snacks

    More and more consumers are reaching for healthier snack options to replace meals, and increasingly, those snacks are including cheese. We spoke to a few experts to learn more about this trend and why snack foods are becoming substitutes for main meals.


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