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    BelGioioso Masters

    Belgioioso Cheese in Green Bay, Wisconsin, just added two more Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers to its staff to assure consistent and great tasting award-winning cheese.

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    Curd Knives

    Wisconsin is known for its award-winning cheese and there are many businesses behind the scenes that help support cheesemakers. Meet one business owner who’s carved out a niche in the cheesemaking business.

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    Day @ the Dairy

    This year was the Fourth Annual “Day at the Dairy” for fourth graders in Lafayette County. Find out what they learned about Wisconsin’s dairy and agricultural  industries.

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    FUTP60 – Developing Leaders

    The Fuel Up to Play 60 program continues to grow and empower students to become leaders and take charge of their personal health. One participant is using her dairy farm experience to be a role model for other students.

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    Fitbits for Cows

    While many individuals are using fitness trackers, like Fitbits©, to monitor their daily activity, farmers are using them in a unique way. See how a dairy farmer in Thorp is using similar technology to help better manage his cows.

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    Cheesy Love Cheesecakes

    Cheesecake is a dessert most people seem to enjoy. We caught up with two business owners who have created a recipe for success with small-batch cheesecakes.

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    Polish Cheese

    Many European-style cheeses are crafted right here in Wisconsin, from Swiss to Italian and Hispanic-style cheeses! Here we learn about Polish-style cheese being added to the mix.

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    Swept Classes

    Although the World Championship Cheese Contest is over and the awards have been presented, the results are still the topic of conversation. Not only did Wisconsin win big, the state’s cheese companies swept 20 categories in the prestigious competition, including first place.

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    Cheese Tour

    The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board does its best to spread the word on where to get great cheese, and offers tours to magazine editors and industry professionals to learn more about the dairy state. We caught up with one tour as guests visited Wisconsin cheese plants across the state.

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    Swiss Heritage Celebration

    Swiss immigrants played a key role in cultivating Wisconsin as a leader in the cheese industry, and one business owner is highlighting that fact. Learn about the events celebrating Wisconsin’s Swiss heritage being held at Fromagination in Madison.

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