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  • 08/14/2017
    Art Institute Culinary Tour

    Six Art Institute culinary students from across the nation recently competed at Emmi Roth USA preparing dishes using award-winning Wisconsin cheese. Find out how this culinary competition benefits both the students, and Wisconsin cheese.

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  • 08/07/2017
    Hy-Vee Cheesemake at Sartori

    Wisconsin cheese makers love to share their story, especially with people who are selling their cheese. We caught up with a group of certified cheese professionals from Hy-Vee grocery store who got some hands-on cheesemaking experience from a fourth generation, family-owned cheese company.

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  • 07/31/2017
    Keller Innovation Award

    Every year the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy recognizes farmers and other businesses for outstanding sustainability practices. Meet Wisconsin’s recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Advancement in Resource Stewardship Award – the Keller Family.

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  • 07/24/2017
    160 Years of Dairy

    Each year fourth grade students learn about Wisconsin’s rich agricultural history, and one school in Poynette celebrated 160 years of dairy traditions in a unique way.

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  • 07/17/2017
    Feltz’s Dairy Store

    Venturing into a new business can be stressful, but one dairy farm family has done it with the foundation of family and proactive change. Along with a farm expansion, the Feltz family launched a new dairy store to showcase Wisconsin’s $43.4 billion dairy industry

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