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    Cheese Gift Boxes

    It’s that time of year when we spread good cheer, or is it cheese? In this segment of Wisconsin Dairy News, we head to a local cheese shop to find out the best time to send the gift of cheese.

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    Pine River Cold Pack

    A Wisconsin cheese original invented out of resourcefulness is now a popular year-round treat. In this segment of Wisconsin Dairy News, see how Pine River Cold Pack Cheese is adding flavor to its spreadable cheese.

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    Heller Digester

    Manure digesters are nothing new in Wisconsin, yet few consumers realize the impact they have on communities that have them. In this segment of Wisconsin Dairy News, a manure digester in Alma Center is providing a backup source of energy and so much more.

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    Biery Cheese Investment

    A cheese company recently invested nearly 20 million dollars in a plant in Plover, Wisconsin. In this segment of Wisconsin Dairy News, find out how Biery Cheese Company is bringing jobs to central Wisconsin.

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    Aging Cheddar

    It takes a good palate to know when a batch of cheddar will be prime for aging, and one Wisconsin cheesemaker has created a niche business by aging his cheddars for more than a decade. We check in with cheesemaker Tony Hook to see what it takes to create a fifteen-year aged cheddar.

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    Dairy Apps

    Wisconsin continues to be on the cutting edge of the global dairy industry. From calculating proper stall size in dairy barns to collecting data on cow health, there’s an app for that! Find out how a mobile app developed at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine is helping dairy farmers across the globe.

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    Wisconsin farmers have a lot of faith in their cattle, and some even enter their young stock in cattle shows years before the competition. We’re highlighting a dairy farm family who thinks they just might have a prize-worthy cow.

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    Hughes Family Farm

    Sometimes the pursuit of our dreams can be difficult or overwhelming. We caught up with a dairy farm family that’s finding a way to do it all.

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    WDE Dairy Woman of the Year

    There is a long line of Wisconsin women who have taken top honors at World Dairy Expo over the years. Meet the 2015 World Dairy Expo Dairy Woman of the Year-Rosalie Geiger of Reedsville, Wisconsin.

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    Dairy Cares

    Some Wisconsin dairy farmers are helping raise money for a good cause. See how an annual fund-raising event is helping Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

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